The Pikap Community

Σάβ19Οκτ12:00The Pikap CommunityArt in Thessaloniki12:00(GMT+00:00)


Free Admission

Event Details

This is an attempt to collect and present all artistic creations of Thessaloniki city through a special platform entitled “The Pikap” which includes artists that live and work in our city.

This attempt will be presented to the public as part of the information and presentation day presented by Dimitris Angelis, the founder and administrator of the platform, member of The Pikap Community. The event will host all artists that take part in this effort and it is open to all persons interested. Presentation will be done through a projector and free informative material will be distributed to all persons interested. As soon as the presentation is completed, an open discussion will take place on the following topic “Arts in Thessaloniki”.

During Dimitria Festival, “The Room” a very special place of the ‘Pikap’ will be dedicated to all its participants. Free leaflets including further information will be distributed to the visitors.


(Σάββατο) 12:00(GMT+00:00)