Mon30Sep21:00SelanikClassic Ottoman Music concert by Tanz-i-mat project21:00(GMT+00:00)


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A completely unknown part of Thessaloniki’s music tradition is presented through the work of four Ottoman music composers all coming from Thessaloniki city who had lived in Constantinople during the 18th and 19th century. Moreover, the traditional music of the Turkish population of our city is also introduced to us as a typical example of the music tradition of the Southeastern Balkans. When the exchange of the Greek and Turkish population took place, this community was forced to leave carrying with them -among others- its own music tradition.

There are six musicians: three of them come from Thessaloniki: Dimitris Vasileiadis –the leader of the project-in psaltery, research and instrumentations along with Kostas Papagiannidis in oud and Elena Moudiri-Chasiotou to be the singer. The group is completed with two artists from Athens that have lived in Thessaloniki for a long time, Loukas Metaxas in percussion, Chrysanthi Gkika in the byzantine lyre and a Turkish artist from Constantinople, Pamir Panya who plays ney and also sings. They are all artists with great experience in Eastern music who have leaved their own unique mark at a place that has every right to keep it.


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