Hill 731

Σάβ12Οκτ(Οκτ 12)21:00Κυρ13(Οκτ 13)19:00Hill 731By Aris Biniaris21:00 - 19:00 (13)(GMT+00:00)


12 € full 10€ students, unemployed, over 65

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Musical-theatre on the value of freedom. In 1941, at Hill 731, the small-scale Greek army manages a convincing victory over Mussolini’s large-scale army in the latter’s attempt to conquer Greece. In the battle that took place, the facts and numbers seem to enter the realm of the absurd in regards to the numbers of the Greek foot soldiers and the methods they used to combat an Italian offensive of mythical proportions.

In the performance, with narration of the facts as the key, the battle is referenced on an existential and spiritual playing field of humans; in a place where the illogical way of thinking prevails; that often goes against common sense and comes into conflict with the accepted beliefs or common logic; there where the paradoxical way of thinking consists of freedom as its key meaning, against an adversary which at first seems impenetrable and attempts by force to establish in the existential and spiritual playing field of humans a model of regularity and homogeneity which in the end detaches us from life itself.

12/10 21.00
13/10 19.00

Text: Aris Biniaris
Directed by: Aris Biniaris
Set- costumes design: Paris Mexis
Lighting design: Paris Mexis- Aris Biniaris
Music Composed and performed by: Victor Kouloumpis (bass), Panos Sardelis (drums), Christos Georgopoulos (guitar)
Assistant director: Dora Xagorari
Assistant set designer: Despina faridou
Assistant costume designer: Dafne Iliopoulou
Photography & video by: Patroclos Skafidas
Cast: Aris Biniaris, Konstantinos Serdalis


12 (Σάββατο) 21:00 - 13 (Κυριακή) 19:00(GMT+00:00)