Πέμ10Οκτ21:00HarpscapesConcert by Raul Moretti (Italy)21:00(GMT+00:00)


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Being an unconventional and many-sided artist, the Italian-Swiss harpist Raul Moretti approaches music in a very personal way. Beginning with classical harp, he then continued his studies in electric and electroacoustic harp and learned to compose and improvise using very special techniques. Today, he is considered to a great modern virtuoso, with an international career that brings his harp into various musical worlds such as avant garde, pop-rock, world music, electronics, dance, classic and free improvisation.

His live performances react in a very creative way with other arts such as dancing, painting, cinema, video-installation and offer to its audience a wide spectrum of feelings and unique concert experience.

In cooperation with
Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Instituto di Cultura of Athens,
Embassy of Italy in Athens,
Tempo Forte Italy – Greece 2019, ΜΙΒΑΟ


(Πέμπτη) 21:00(GMT+00:00)