Coulibaly workshop

Fri18Oct10:30Coulibaly workshopBy Serge Aimé Coulibaly dance group10:30(GMT+00:00)


Free participation -Limited number of seats

Event Details

As part of the 54th Dimitria Festival, a dance seminar by Ida Faho, Ahmed Soura and Marion Alzieu dance group will take place.
It’s worth mentioning that Serge Aimé Coulibaly dance group will present their dance show Kalakuta Republic on October 20th 2019 at the theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies.
This workshop is addressed to dance students and professional dancers and is offered for free to 20 persons through a relevant selection process.
“After a targeted warm-up, we will have to deal with the 3 main elements of Kalakuta Republic Performance, in other words the movement accuracy, familiarity with music and the involvement of movement in speech. All participants will have the chance to discover their own acting skills through practicing certain choreographies and experiencing the dancer’s own interpretation. Thus, the participants will soon discover their own energy and its universality.

18/10 10:30-13:00
19/10 10:30-13:00
20/10 10:30-12:30


(Friday) 10:30(GMT+00:00)