A comet to bury lovers

Παρ11Οκτ(Οκτ 11)20:00Σάβ16Νοέ(Νοέ 16)18:00A comet to bury loversBy Marjano & Denis Kapurani(Οκτώβριος 11) 20:00 - (Νοέμβριος 16) 18:00(GMT+00:00)


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Having presented both solo and group art exhibitions, the visual artists Marjano & Denis Kapurani look deep into art and its future aspects through painting, sculpture, installations, video arts and various creative art forms.

Their new work entitled Α Comet to bury lovers is presented for the first time as part of this year’s Dimitria Festival. In this exhibition, the artists study the supposed scenario of a human settlement on Mars; a new Adam and Eve serve the plan of human 2.0 in a new Eden located in Mars. The exhibition is mainly focused on modern worries and concerns both at a social and scientific level about the mankind’s futures as well as on our human alternative nature.

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Οκτώβριος 11 (Παρασκευή) 20:00 - Νοέμβριος 16 (Σάββατο) 18:00(GMT+00:00)