Thessaloniki 7th Biennale of Contemporary Art “ΣΤΑΣΗ” - Taking a Stance

Sat12Oct21:00Thessaloniki 7th Biennale of Contemporary Art “ΣΤΑΣΗ” - Taking a Stance21:00(GMT+00:00)


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Thessaloniki 7th Biennale of Contemporary Art is introduced to its art-lover audience under the title “ΣΤΑΣΗ-Taking a stance”. This year’s biennale suggests that we make a historical survey of the self, the world and the life through artistic works and views. Driven by questions or enthusiasm, imagination or critical view of the reality, research or ingenuity, the artists look into any alternative points of view of the past, the present and the future and manage to reconstruct the world.

This year’s Biennale suggest that we take a stance. This means that we should make a pause –not in the sense of isolation and complacency- in order to rethink, distance ourselves from everything and remain quiet aiming at redefining our views, participating and joining our voice with the voice of others so as to follow new paths that demand thought, hard work and diligence

This kind of pause can be a prerequisite for taking action provided that all modern is placed in the field of questioning history as well as in the scope of dialogue, conflicts and ideological disputes. Interpreting contemporary art from a historical point of view doesn’t mean the end but the beginning of a cognitive procedure leading to its profound politicization.


(Saturday) 21:00(GMT+00:00)