Theatrical workshop

Οκτώβριος, 2019

Τετ16Οκτ11:00Theatrical workshopBy Familie Flöz (Germany)11:00 LABATTOIR


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Familie Flöz create their own theatre art using tangible materials-far beyond speech- and they firmly believe that every kind of collision is mainly expressed physically and that every collision carries a dramatic state. Their performances result from team work and improvisation with the mask being their main element. The essential constituent of their performances is the fact that the main function of the mask-its inherent oddity- to hide one’s face finally leads to the appearance of a totally new one.
This German-based theatre company that enjoys an international career visits Thessaloniki for the first time. Besides their already scheduled performance, a workshop on the art of mask will also take place in the morning of the day when their performance takes place.


(Τετάρτη) 11:00



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