THE MOTHER’S RING by Yannis Kambisis

Οκτώβριος, 2018

08Οκτ(Οκτ 8)21:0009(Οκτ 9)23:00THE MOTHER’S RING by Yannis KambisisC FOR CIRCUS GROUP21:00 - 23:00 (9) ‘ANETON’ MUNICIPAL THEATRE


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Event Details

Inspired by an old Greek play about a poet’s death, or rather about his last moments, C. for Circus present The Mother’s Ring by Yannis Kambisis , directed by Pavlos Pavlidis. Constructing a world of music, poetry and fantasy, C. for Circus set up a vivid ritual of farewell, rewriting, for the poet’s sake, his “last pages”. This is their way to celebrate the ten years of their course together in theatre, with the most optimistic play they have ever staged.


It’s Christmas Eve. A little cabin in the woods, the house of a poor family: the mother and her two sons. The older son, the Poet, critically ill, knowing that he does not have enough time left to live, sighs for the untrodden peaks of his homeland, the legends of his family and the Fairies of the Mountain. He imagines travelling to reach them and to enjoy their company in his last moments while he longs to fade in the lap of his beloved one. His mother, to save him, decides to sell the only fortune of the family, the ring that once upon a time was given to her ancestors by the three Fates themselves. Yet, she is aware that a choice like this would invoke a curse.

The Mother’s Ring by Ioannis Kambisis is a play written in a local dialect and inspired by the life of the poet and prose writer Kostas Krystallis. It has been described either as a musical drama or a Christmas dream play. In 1917, Manolis Kalomoiris composed an opera on the play and fifty one years later, in 1968, it was broadcast on the national radio programme “Wednesday’s Theatre”. In  December 2004, The Mother’s Ring was presented at the National Opera, on a libretto by Yorgos Stefopoulos, directed by Spyros Evaggelatos. And now is the turn of C. for Circus ensemble  to face up to the challenge of this so-rarely-told story of farewell.

Playwright: Yannis Kambisis
Direction: Pavlos Pavlidis
Dramaturgy: Pavlos Pavlidis, Athina Sakali
Setting construction: Spyros Doukeris
Costumes: Lina Stavropoulou, Gina Iliopoulou
Lighting design: Ioanna Zerva
Music teaching: Valeria Dimitriadou
Director’s assistant: Athina Sakali
Photo shooting: Nikos Pantazaras, Christos Symeonidis
Video: Maria-Elisavet Kotini
CAST: Panagiotis Gavrelas, Xrysa Kottarakou, Athanasia Kourkaki, Irene Makri, Nikolas Papadomichelakis, Natasa Roustani, Spyros Chatziangelakis

Communications manager: Panagiotis Gavrelas
Telephone: 0030 6973346070


  • Directors note

    The Mother’s Ring, written in an informal local dialect, talks about a version of Greece where faith in God and Orthodox Christian customs coexist with the faith in Fairies and pagan elements, poetry, the wild beauty of nature, the purity of the people as well as poverty and death. There is no “wrong” in this story and there is no villainy in these heroes, only the longing of people for life. What aroused my interest is the panhuman tendency that at the moment when reality gets tough, one turns to fantasy as a temporary answer. The meaning and interpretation of this could either be the act of surrender in front of death, or the prolongation of life. What else is fantasy but the continuation of life in a different environment and in more varied ways? What else is Death, other rather than the continuation of Life?

    The viewer of the play may see it as a remembrance, as something that happened sometime, somewhere in Greece. For me though, it is not a memory; it is something that we have unfortunately forgotten and should be recalled in order to be inspired and let ourselves look at life through this forgotten simplicity.

  • Reviews

    Seven actors give everything it takes in a masterpiece of liveliness, energy and passion. They communicate with each other effortlessly, balancing on a large seesaw on stage, singing, playing live music, dancing, allowing us to understand that not only have they really loved this story and text, but that they have also a magnificent agility to create truth on stage. They choose all kinds of art to compose the art of theatre. The play The Mother’s Ring moves us.
    10/6/2018 – Kostas Zisis-

    And then, literally on the last days of the season, in June, C. For Circus perform the play The Mother’s Ring. Their momentum, enthusiasm, thoughts and deep – Kostas Zisis- gave me the best closure I could wish for the season 2017 -18.
    21/6/2018- Giorgos Voudiklaris-

    Pavlos Pavlidis directed the play with great precision. He raised the bar too high, but he passed over it comfortably. He worked hard with the actors and that was clear. He approached this play correctly, he found its rhythm. All of his directions where directly based on the text; he did not try to show off his intelligence and so he proved to be a very clever director.
    8/6/2018-Yannis Tzemis-

    Αuthentic emotion with a postmodern fairytale
    Together, they produce good theatre – on their own terms. The entire play is a demonstration of artistic skill, with live music, movement, acrobatics, recitation and interpretations. The scene, where everything is dark and invisible, is wonderfully built. …They all play like one body from which the ability and the transmission of sensitivity overflow.
    Grigoris Ioannidis,

    Why you should see the show:
    • Because the way a text written in 1898 comes alive is at least exemplary.
    • For the thrills of emotion that will flood you before the awe of death.
    • It is clear that the new generation can do miracles.
    6/6/2018- Georgia Oikonomou-

  • Biography

    1. for Circus

    The C. for Circus theatre group was founded in June of 2008 in Thessaloniki and for the last four years it has been based in Athens. They have participated in various festivals, such as the Aeschylian Festival and the Bob Theatre Festival in Greece, as well as the International Shakespeare Festival in Serbia. They have performed in many theatres in Athens and Thessaloniki, such as Bios, Apo Michanis, Skrow, Avlaia, Blackbox. They have worked with Ryszard Nieoczym, John Britton, Alice Dourmazer and many more artists.

    Chatziangelakis Spyros

    Graduate of the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Co-founder of  C. for Circus. As an actor, he has worked with many directors, such as D. Karatzas, R. Pateraki, P. Dentaki, C. Theodoridi, D. Mylonas, O. Papaspiliopoulos and many others. He has been awarded the leading actor award for his performance in the film Prince of the Hill in the Filmie Festival. He has directed The Birthday of Infanta for C. for Circus.

    Dimitriadou Valeria.

    Graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Co-founder of C. for Circus. She studied in the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece and works as an actress. She plays the piano professionally and composes music for her band “Valsia” and for various theatre productions.

    Gavrelas Panagiotis                     

    Graduated from the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Athens Conservatoire Drama School. Co-founder of  C. for Circus. He is interested in music and plays the guitar, the trumpet and the ukulele.

    Iliopoulou Gina

    Studied in  the Department of Banking and Financial Management and did her MA in Architectural Design (Theatre Design) in the Vakalo Art & Design College. She has taken part in the Set and Costume Design Workshop of the National Theatre of Greece. She has worked with the National Theatre, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the Onassis Cultural Foundation and for many short films, advertisements and videos.

    Kottarakou Chrysa

    A graduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has participated in workshops with A.Trevlia, K.Fioreto, A.Kazazou, D.Lalo, L.Fillipova and many more. She has been a member of C. for Circus since 2009.

    Makri Irene

    A graduate of the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece and the Civil Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Co-founder of C. for Circus. She has taken part in Mercie & Camier, directed by Y. Kakleas.

    Papadomichelakis Nikolas

    A graduate of the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece.  He works as an actor.

    Pavlidis Pavlos

    A graduate of the Electrical Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and “Dilos” Drama School in Athens. He plays the accordion and he has been a member of C. for Circus since 2008.
    Roustani Natasa

    A graduate of “Dilos” Drama School and the School of Primary Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has also studied opera singing. She has been a member of C. for Circus since 2009. She has worked as a teacher in public schools for children with learning disabilities and refugees.

    Sakali Athina

    Graduated from the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece and attended the masterclass of the National Theatre of Greece in 2015-2016. She has been a member of the Lykion ton Ellinidon of Larissa (traditional dancing group) for ten years. She has also taken part in the Olympic flame lighting ceremony for the Olympic Games in Rio (2016).

    Stavropoulou Lina

    Graduated from the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.  She has taken part in the Set and Costume Design Workshop of the National Theatre of Greece. She has worked with the National Theatre, the Onassis Cultural Foundation, the Athens Concert Hall and in many short movies and advertisements.

    Zerva Ioanna
    A graduate of the “Dilos” Drama School and the Department of Medical Laboratory of Thessaloniki. She has been the lighting designer in Alpha Steritiko Trio, directed by T. Athanasiou, Othello, directed by the group noStage, Point B, directed by D. Pagonis.


8 (Δευτέρα) 21:00 - 9 (Τρίτη) 23:00



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