Teatro Delusio

Οκτώβριος, 2019

Τετ16Οκτ21:00Teatro Delusioby Familie Flöz (Germany)21:00 LABATTOIR


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Teatro Delusio creates theatre through theatre. This imaginary theater company is engaged in thrilling battles, deadly intrigues and heartbreaking arias derived from classic plays. From one performance to the other, Teatro Delusio enjoys an even wider artistic triumph. On the other side, three technicians are constantly working backstage in the dark. Their lives, usually invisible, suddenly come to light.
Familie Flöz is a small family whose house is the theatre itself. Both stars on stage and their tireless assistants are striving to find happiness, each one in his own particular universe separated by a plain set stage.Teatro Delusio by the most renowned mask theatre company in Germany meets the greatest success and presents a performance that focuses on the art of saying everything without a single word.
Having gained international acknowledgement, Familie Flöz have already performed in 34 countries while their work has captured the attention of the mass media including the Guardian, Le Monde, el Mundo, the Scotsman and Die Welt.

A co-production by Familie Flöz, Arena Berlin and Theaterhaus Stuttgart
A play by Paco González / Björn Leese / Hajo Schüler / Michael Vogel
With Andrès Angulo / Dana Schmidt / Björn Leese / Johannes Stubenvoll / Daniel Matheus / Michael Vogel / Thomas van Ouwerkerk / Sebastian Kautz / Hajo Schüler
Direction and Set Design Michael Vogel
Masks Hajo Schüler
Costumes Eliseu R. Weide
Sound Design Dirk Schröder
Light Design Reinhard Hubert
Sound Technicians Florian Mönks / Thomas Wacker
Lighting Technicians Sylvain Faye / Max Rux
Production Management Gianni Bettucci
Production Assistance Dana Schmidt


(Τετάρτη) 21:00



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