Sylphidarium – Maria Taglioni on the Ground

October, 2019

Sun13Oct21:00Sylphidarium – Maria Taglioni on the GroundBy ColletivO CineticO (Italy)21:00 SOCIETY FOR MACEDONIAN STUDIES THEATRE


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Event Details

This performance is a deep journey into human body revealing its most real and natural aspect. Sylphidarium transforms “La Sylphide” choreography, a romantic ballet that made its first appearance on stage in Paris in 1832. Maria Taglioni, the main character of the show, presents a totally new hybrid version of this classic play which comprises physical exercise, acrobatics, aerobics and muscular strength.
ColletivO CineticO, under Francesca Pennini’s supervision, manages to present a spectacular performance full of music, costumes, smart humor, dramaturgical elements and a highly aesthetic language.

Direction, choreography: Francesca Pennini
Original music and live electronics: Francesco Antonioni
Dramaturgy: Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini
Action and creation: Simone Arganini, Margherita Elliot, Carolina Fanti, Carmine Parise, Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini, Stefano Sardi, Vilma Trevisan
Violin: Marlène Prodigo
Percussions: Riccardo Guidarini
Light design and technical direction: Fabio Sajiz
Video: Marco Morandi
Costume designer: Francesca Pennini
Co-production: CollettivO CineticO, Théatre de Liège, Torinodanza Festival, Festival MITO, CANGO, Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze
In collaboration with: Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino and with the contribution of ResiDance XL – Action of the Network Anticorpi XL coordinated by L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino

The Instituto di Cultura in Athens,
The Embassy of Italy in Athens,
and theTempo Forte Italy-Greece 2019,MIBAO


(Sunday) 21:00



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