OEDIPUS by Sophocles

Οκτώβριος, 2018

04Οκτ(Οκτ 4)21:0005(Οκτ 5)18:00OEDIPUS by SophoclesEOS GROUP & KOZANI REGIONAL THEATRE21:00 - 18:00 (5) ‘AVLAIA’ THEATRE


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The story
At the outset of the play, Oedipus is the beloved ruler of the city of Thebes, whose citizens have been stricken by a plague. Consulting the Delphic oracle, Oedipus is told that the plague will cease only when the murderer of Queen Jocasta’s first husband, King Laius, has been found and punished for his deed. Oedipus is determined to find Laius’s killer. His investigation turns into an obsessive reconstruction of his own hidden past when he discovers that the old man he killed when he first approached Thebes as a youth was none other than Laius. At the end, Jocasta hangs herself in shame, and the guilt-stricken Oedipus blinds himself.

The EOS GROUP  has been active for the last 4 years. The group works under the direction of Christos Sougaris. So far, three theatrical plays have been presented: Moliere’s Don Juan,  Sophocles’ Ajax and Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus.  The plays directed by Christos Sougaris have been presented at the National Theater of Northern Greece, the Dimitria Festival, the Aeschylia Festival, Municipal Theatre of Kozani, Katerina Vasilakou Theater, Theseum Theater, Apo Michanis Theater, etc

Text: Vasilis Papavasiliou
Director: Christos Sougaris
Music: Giorgos Christianakis
Set & Costume Designer: Aristotelis Karananos – Alexandra Siafkou
Lighting Designer: Tasos Palaioroutas
Movement: Faidra Soutou
Oedipus: Dennis Makris
Jocast: Niki Sereti
Kreon: Samuel Akinola
Teiresias: Betty Vakalidou
Chorus (Young Man): Nikos Gelia
Chorus (Old Man): Kostas Laskos
Shepherd: Giorgos Psichogios
Messenger: Grigoris Pimenides
Second Messenger: Michalis Moulakakis
Eteoklis: Aris Kritikos
Ismini: Despoina Martseki
Polinikes: Ion Dimitriades
Antigone: Siamaka Akabuog

  • Directors note

  • Reviews

    Oedipus is not a Christian drama; it is a tragedy of archetypes. The “sin” of Oedipus does not have an actual moral aspect; it is mainly the violation of a “taboo” (…) It is not a psychoanalytic guilt test, but an earthly tragedy of flesh, semen, and blood. The direction of Christos Sougaris was earthen, a continuation of last year’s direction of “Ajax”. The heroes were not abstract symbols, but common people, flesh and blood”.
    Leandros Polenakis | avgi.gr

    “…The direction had a cinematic essence, with emphasis on rhythm and atmosphere and managed to make the spectator part of the tragic story. The direction was accompanied by high quality performances that betrayed teamwork and deep understanding of the particularities of all characters”.
     George Christopoulos | onlytheater.gr

    (…)what makes this work special is the penetrating direction, the proper chemistry of all the actors and, of course, their luscious performances.”.
    Zoe Toli | culturenow.gr

    “(…)a totally successful, inspirational and groundbreaking effort that connects the present with the past(…).”
    Angeliki Mpatsou | kallitexnes.gr

    “the performance acted as “the acoustics of a consciousness“(…) the director “addresses the needs of the play”. For the first time on the stage, we see colorful actors, (…) making the prophecy to sound as a gadfly”.
    Chara Kiousi | newsbeast.gr

    “(…)The conception of a cinematic Oedipus presented as a detective, a protagonist of crime films in a classical Hollywood period (early 1940s to the late 1950s), such as that of the films noir, is certainly provocative.
    Maria Stella Binikiou | artic.gr

    “Blindness is the main topic of the play from beginning to end; whether it is through the children’s  “Blindfold” game or the pathogenic blindness of the shepherd and the chorus or the self – imposed blindness of Jocasta (her only support to keep herself away from the revelation of the truth that she deeply knew) or the self-induced violent blindness of Oedipus at the end of the play (…). Every character in their own way contributed to this concealment, each one in their own way bear personal responsibility.”.
    George Kougioumtzis | tetragwno.gr

    “Christos Sougaris in an ingenious and accurate way takes us to a place where peace is fragile and emotions manifest in a bizarre but aesthetically effective way. He adopts the form of the thriller in order to get into the inner void of his heroes, seeking the deeper meaning of existence, turning the tragedy into a brain theater. (….).
    Irene Aivaliotou | catisart.gr

    “ (….) Christos Sougari’s  modern direction of Ajax (last year)and now Oedipus made him the maître of “tragedy of the room”. Special mention to the great protagonists: four lively kids and a dog-guide”
    Kostas Zisis | all4fun.gr

  • Biography

    Christos Sougaris
    Christos Sougaris is a professional actor and director.
    He has collaborated with many Greek directors in productions of the National Theater of Northern Greece, the National Theater, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, the Athens Concert Hall, the Onasis Cultural Centre.
    .The main objective of his work is the rapprochement of classical works through a modern aesthetic that stripes the norms of the past and redefines the relationship of the viewer / citizen with the myth.The works that he has directed have been presented at the National Theater of Northern Greece, the Dimitria Festival, the Aeschylia Festival, the Regional Theater of Kozani, the Deus X Machina Teater among  others.

    Christianakis Giorgos ,composer-musician
    Born in Thessaloniki,Greece in 1961. He graduated from Law School and started his studies in classical piano at the age of 17. Since 1982 he records in studios and plays live with many well known bands of Greece such as Trypes, Apriori, Dacapo, Rodondo Rocks e.t.c.
    He composes music for theater and cinema, video art, installations and dancing perfomances . He has composed music for more than 80 theatre performances since 1994 ,most of them commissioned by The National Theatre of Greece and The National Theatre of Northern Greece , amongst them seven productions of Ancient Drama at The Ancient Theatre at Epidaurus,four at the Ancient Theatre Irodio Attikou and one at the Stadium of Delphi.
    He was awarded the 2000 Theatre Awards Prize for his music for the performance of Lorka’s ” Yerma” with the National Theatre Of Greece. Since 1997 he has released five solo alboums “Templo” (1997), “The doorman” (2001) , “Strange stories ” (2003) and ” The Wave ” Alltogethernow (2013).His fifth solo alboum ” A Season in Hell” based on the writings of Arthour Rimbaud was released on the 20th of December 2013.
    More information on his official site www.christianakis.com


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