Is Art Lonely?

Οκτώβριος, 2018

Τρί02Οκτ21:00Is Art Lonely?By Philippos Tsitsopoulos21:00 ‘ANETON’ MUNICIPAL THEATRE


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The artist who splits his time between London and Madrid, with internationally distinguished installations and visual theatrical performances, is coming to Thessaloniki with ‘Is Art Lonely?’, a collection of works that discuss the condition of loneliness in the creative context.

Philippos Tsitsopoulos’ new work draws on interactive experiential theatre, video-theatre, and visual theatrical performance, in order to explore the correlation between them by adopting video, live performance, vocals and body language, and exploring the limits of theatre and painting since 1990.

A performance and four screenings compose the ‘Is Art Lonely’ collection, which was shaped through actions held at various venues – among them TATE Modern, Serpentine Gallery, Wallace Collection, and FACT in Liverpool. The collection was recently completed with the work ‘The Raft – Art is (not) Lonely’, which was presented in Ostend, Belgium, in the context of ‘The Raft’ exhibition, curated by Jan Fabre and Johanna De Vos.

Production video and masks: ‘Is art Lonely?’ Filippos Tsitsopoulos from Sonia Arias Valtuille/ For the Raft/ Art is not Lonely by Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos
Production for the performance in Belgium: Mirthe Demaerel, Dagmar Dirkx
Photographer: Alpay Beler
Production and support for the performance and exhibition in Athens: Elefhteria Tseliou Gallery
Support for the performance at the 53rd Dimitria: Lola Nikolaou Gallery

Thanks:: Katerina Zacharopoulou, Time of Images, Lois Keidan, Live art Development agency LADA London


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