FRIDA KAHLO By Fly Theatre

Οκτώβριος, 2018



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The Fly Theatre company dramatizes the unpredictable life of Frida Kalho, using its own unique performative aesthetic based on rhythm, the body, the game and the dynamics of space, with the support of projections that beautifully merge with the live body and the semiotics of the stage.

The goal of the production is to explore the personal history of this painter (of mainly own self-portraits), the physical restrictions and the pain she suffered which altogether pushed her to create a world dominated by movement, originality and passion for life.

Katetina Damvoglou, who undertook the enormous task to bring to life this radical, uncompromising  and boldly feminist  personality who loved to join her eyebrows instead of plucking them and emphasize the dark hair on her upper lip, does a wonderful job, by presenting on stage a plethora of emotions, of passionate moments.

Robin Beer creates a cosmos full of sound and images based on Frida’s paintings. Beer’s dexterous manipulation of the potential of technology mixes surrealism and realism to produce together a unique and distinct stage aesthetic that is really captivating.

Text: Katerina Damvoglou
Director: Fly Theatre
Dramaturge: Miranda Vatikioti
Cast: Katerina Damvoglou and Robin Beer

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  • Reviews

    “This is a “handmade”, multi-media venture that cannot be easily described. It has to be experienced”
    Dimitris Tsatsoulis

    “Katerina Damvoglou, with an unsurpassed sense of humor, with stage palpability and sarcasm creates a highly enjoyable portrait of the painter. A real apocalypsis is the space Roby Beer creates with an incredible speed and an impressive synchronization with the lady protagonist. I have rarely seen anything like it traveling abroad”
    Yiorgos Voudiklaris

    “When the lights are out and the actors take their bow, a spontaneous cry for an ‘encore’ is certain”
    Panayiotis Milas

  • Biography

    Katerina Damvoglou
    Katerina Damvoglou graduated from the Theatre Department of the University of Patra. She then attented the London International School of Performing Arts and Royal Holloway (MA in Physical Theatre). In Greece she first appeared as an actress and a director in 2014.

    Robin Beer
    Robin Beer is an actor and a director. He participated in the last two productions of Fly Theatre, “Aggeliki” and “Frida Kahlo”.


(Παρασκευή) 21:00



Kolokotroni 25-27, Stavroupoli