‘Europe, from the Pillars of Hercules to the Rioni River’ 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage

Οκτώβριος, 2018

Σάβ20Οκτ10:0020:00‘Europe, from the Pillars of Hercules to the Rioni River’ 2018 European Year of Cultural HeritageColloquium coordination: Thalia Stefanidou, Nikos Mykoniatis10:00 - 20:00 THESSALONIKI PORT AUTHORITY

Event Details

With the decision of the European Council and the European Committee, 2018 has been declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This colloquium aims at enlarging and submitting views related to what is considered the cultural reserve and modern way to manage it. The event has been divided into three round table discussions.

The central themes organising the subjects of the speakers concern European history and the shaping of European values, emphasising European identity, folklore, geography, intangible heritage, agricultural economy, and its readjustment in ethnographic terms. In fact, issues such as these arise in the sectors of law, education, language, artistic production, archaeology, and architecture, and are additional axes of negotiation.

The promotion of cultural multiformity, inter-cultural dialogue, and social cohesion, as well as views on the movement of populations and immigration, the development of religions ideologies, cultural strata, and humanitarian solidarity, define the basic directions of queries and discussion.

In conclusion, the colloquium aims at enlarging how we perceive cultural goods and the processes by which they are transferred.

Speakers: Fani Athanasiou, Styliana Galiniki, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Angeliki Ziaka, Nandia Kalara, Katerina Kotzia, Vassiliki Laga, Zoe Michalopoulou, Eleni Bintsi, Fani Boudouroglou, Eva Nedou, Chrysoula Paliadeli, Giannis Paraskevopoulos, PieTa Group (Eleftheria Stoikou-Venetia Koutsou), Dimitris Tasioulas, Konstantinos Tsitselikis, Alexis Fidetzis.

Directorate of Libraries and Museums – Department of the Municipal Gallery

*The colloquium complements ‘The European Endemic Species’ exhibition


(Σάββατο) 10:00 - 20:00



Navarchou Votsi 4, Thessaloniki 546 25