It is with great joy that we are arriving at the 53rd Dimitria Festival. A celebration of our city, art, and society.
In recent years, following the decision of the Administration of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Dimitria Festival has focused on extroverted culture and is looking for fresh challenges each time.
The Dimitria Festival is intertwined with the multiculturalism of Thessaloniki, it reflects its rich history, it invests in aspects that are different by equally important, and it aims at a contemporary and  inclusive future.
This institution has been upgraded through its evolution over the years and it hopes to encourage audiences to become increasingly demanding and critical towards it.
Correspondingly, as an Administration, we bear the creative responsibility of listening to peoples’ needs and to adapt to the demands of the times, offering a contemporary artistic perspective. A unique experience that becomes stronger, more conscious, and more mature with every passing year.
From that perspective we expect to transform the Dimitria Festival into a European institution, even more than just European, which will inspire young people, creators, and audiences.

I wish you every success in this year’s event.

Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris


It’s a very specific place: “The city with a thousand faces!” Thessaloniki! A colourful, multi-dimensional, port-city with a living memory. The field of a new narrative that resists, searches for and gives birth to new ideas. A city that communicates and disagrees, challenges and accepts challenges from others, a city that is attracted by new things, that is happy to see the sunset that brings the sunrise. A city that enjoys dreaming.
The festival! A review of the city’s creative forces, a restoration of inspiration, the new narrative of its social, professional and emotional content, a place where the most contemporary art proposals meet and connect, a journey to the desirable, a revelation of contemporary expression through an adventure Ulysses would be proud of.
Resisting the Sirens of the beautified, refusing the easy option of the Lotus Eaters, inspired for freedom from the struggle with the Cyclops, delving into Hades to reveal the truth, opening the Bag of Aeolus and letting a new wind blow through the city!
The ‘53rd Dimitria’ Festival. The city festival for contemporary thought and expression. The festival that is an action carried out by people who know what culture means, who preserve their strength and their free thought, who resist taking the easy way out, who are anxious for the Other, who enjoy their responsibilities, who believe in the power of culture to help their city move forward.

Let us feel the strength it offers us…

With love and respect to all those who are trying to make Ulysses’ adventure seem like a walk in the park!

Deputy Mayor of Culture and the Arts Ellie Chrysidou