53rd Dimitria Festival 2018

For the 53rd year Dimitria Festival continues to represent the most modern trends in all artistic forms and to utilise the heritage of Thessaloniki and Greece. Through new artistic landscapes of sound, image, and experience, operatic elements are combined with puppetry, technology becomes a crucial part of the performing arts, the performative practices of theatre and dance meet performance art, Greek musicians meet international musicians.

The ambitious venture of this year’s festival is the theatrical showcase, which aspires to help  the institution itself and Greek theatrical productions reach broader audiences, through the platform of Dimitria. Guests this year include artistic directors and organisers of international festivals.

In music, an amalgam of genres and countries is put forward, mainly from the Mediterranean, as well as Europe.

In the visual arts, homages to specific individuals honour all generations of Thessaloniki and international contemporary artists, while the heritage of Alexander Iolas will feature outstanding works by significant artists to the city of Thessaloniki.

Two important congresses are on the schedule of Dimitria : One explores the effects of ‘1968’ on theatre; the second, in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, is seeking to enlarge the extent of this heritage. Lastly, once again this year, short films will be honoured, with the annual Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival.

In short, the experience of the individual vis-a-vis a society that is changing is at the focal point of the artistic proposals at the 53rd Dimitria, which we hope you will enjoy.

The Artistic Committee