54th Dimitria Festival 2019

Dimitria, after several years of redefined progress, in convergence with the economic, social and cultural conditions, present their new programme for 2019.

Through careful planning and artistic design, Dimitria Festival continues to represent the most up-to-date trends in all artistic genres and to make good use of the legacies of the city and the country. The experience offered to the individual in a constantly changing society is firmly at the heart of the organization. Through theatre and music, dance and visual arts, the most up-to-date artistic trends emerge, while also promoting the cultural heritage of the place.

In brand new artistic landscapes of sound, image and experience, Greek and foreign artists meet up and the city lives up to the festival rhythm, where the art-loving and inquisitive attendants have the opportunity to see special performances of theatrical and dance groups as well as concerts of many musical genres. The visual arts programme is completed with the cooperation of Thessaloniki Biennale 2019.

The rich programme will be brought to life by Greek ensembles with varied artistic approaches, as well as by artists from England, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and elsewhere, and all together will compose a special cultural mosaic that will perform on stage during the Dimitria Festival from September 28th up to October 20th.

The ambitious venture of the theatrical showcase, which was daringly launched for the first time in 2018, but was completed with great success, remains unstoppable and will be the battering ram of the city’s cultural extravaganza during Dimitria Festival 2019. Art directors and organizers of foreign festivals are also invited to meet Greek ensembles and unique productions.

To conclude, important artists from all over Greece and abroad, a dynamic audience of participants, as well as enthusiastic directors of other festivals of Europe and the wider Balkans, are the vibrant potential of the historic, yet renewed 2019 art festival, that maintains Thessaloniki an open, restless cultural scene for creators from Greece and around the world, for new artistic expressions and groundbreaking currents, for challenges and new trends. See the world from another point of view!

The Artistic Committee