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01Οκτ21:0003Νοέ(Νοέ 3)21:00Aristos Dramatised novel by Thomas Korovinis, directed by Giorgos Papageorgiou(Οκτώβριος 1) 21:00 - (Νοέμβριος 3) 21:00 LABATTOIR


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Event Details

Based on the novel by Thomas Korovinis, ‘O Giros tou Thanatou’ (Wall of Death), which received the State Literary Award, the life of Aristidis Pangratidis is brought to the stage and the story of the “Dragon of Seych Sou’ (the serial killer of Seych Sou wood) becomes a play directed by Giorgos Papageorgiou.

Nine characters that are connected to Aristidis Pangratidis compose Aristos’ profile through their dramatic confessions. Friends, housemaids, dockyard heavers, shadowy kiosk snitches, democratically inclined gendarmes, conservative bourgeois, transvestites, folk singers, make up this mosaic of characters that transports the audience into the haze of a noir past, in the alleys of Thessaloniki, the cobblestones of which are drenched in passions, and into the secrets this city hides behind the veil of its superficial façade.

Performance cast & crew
Director: Giorgos Papageorgiou
Adaptation/Dramatisation: Theodora Kapralou
Music: Giorgos Dousos
Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou
Movement: Mariza Tsinga
Set Designer/Costume Designer: Katerina Arianoutsou
Photographer: Domniki Mitropoulou
Assistant Director: Maria Proistaki
Performers: Eleni Ouzounidou, Michalis Ikonomou, Giorgos Christodoulou

Duration 1.10 – 3.10


Οκτώβριος 1 (Δευτέρα) 21:00 - Νοέμβριος 3 (Σάββατο) 21:00



No 35 26th October Street Τ: 2313 318 203